I wish the Apple Watch had these Oppo Watch features

OPPO Watch

Some days ago Oppo Watch was presented on the scene. The smartwatch of this company bears a resemblance, let's say, more than reasonable with the Apple Watch. However, inside they are very different. One of the most remarkable aspects of the American company's watch is the perfect symbiosis between the operating systems. Nevertheless, the Oppo has a series of functionalities that could well be incorporated into the Apple watch.

Five Oppo Watch features that the Apple Watch should have or incorporate

When a device that looks a lot like one of Apple's is presented, many people put their hands to their heads and think that it is a blatant copy. However, we must always think positively. That other firms present similar devices can provide a number of functionalities that Apple could include.

This is what happens with the Oppo Watch. A watch from the Chinese company that certainly looks a lot like the Apple watch, but that includes five functionalities that the Apple Watch could well include and that surely you, as a user, would like it to be included. Let's see what they are:

  • Larger screen:

Currently the largest Apple Watch measures 44 mm which is what in the watch industry can be considered a large size box. But let's remember that it is a watch that gives a lot, a lot of information, and that a bigger screen always comes in handy. The Oppo has a 48,5mm case a big difference.

Oppo watch

  • Finest:

A large watch usually suffers from being heavy, but that is not the case with the Oppo Watch. It's thinner than the Apple Watch, making it more comfortable. The American watch is 10,7mm thick, while the Chinese clock is only 4,5; Less than half and that is also a lot.

  • With more battery

The Apple Watch has improved a lot with the new versions, in terms of battery. I remember series 1 when, for me, I hardly ever got enough battery power at night. Now version 5 I have managed to last just two days (officially it offers 18 continuous hours), yes, always with the screen on. But is that the Oppo Watch lasts 40 official hours, that is to say, that with the same use it would last me almost 5 days in a row. Remember, it is thinner and has a bigger screen.

  • Sleep monitor

One of the features in which the Apple Watch cannot contribute too much, is in the sleep monitoring. Of course, you could not arrive with cargo at the end of the second day. But with the battery and the slimness of the Oppo Watch, it's easy to see our sleep patterns. By the way, it is an application that is already integrated into the watch itself, so you don't need third-party applications like the Apple Watch.

Oppo Watch and Apple Watch

  • With more style

The screens of the Apple Watch has also been increasing as the number of its series increased. It has some very original like Mickey Mouse, Toy Story. Has some great ones like those of Time-Lapse or those of liquid metal or fire. Now, do you have any to match your outfit?

The Oppo Watch has an artificial intelligence that is capable of adapting its sphere by combining it with the color of the clothing you are wearing at the time. It's a cool thing that makes the Chinese watch a bit more stylish than the Apple Watch.

The unique style of the Oppo Watch

It is not that it is a feature for which you should change the clock, but it certainly draws a lot of attention. We enter the field of discussion of the customization of the clock screens and indirectly, almost also of the iPhone or iPad. If you want Android customization, for everything else Apple.

The Chinese clock, will not be officially presented until March 24 in the Asian country with a price much lower than the Apple Watch. We are talking about $ 216. We know it's no match for the Apple Watch, but we can also say, I at least, that battery life is staggering. By the way, it is able to last 21 days in low power mode.

We will be attentive to more news about this watch and we hope that the new generations of the Apple Watch can incorporate some functionality of those mentioned above, such as sleep monitoring.

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  1.   Dwarf said

    I don't think that "a bigger screen, thinner and more battery" can be considered "functions", and "with more style" kills me ...